The flowers are produced seasonally, and the price is varied every day. The customer must select the shipment arrival date before ordering.

From the top right corner, if you see there is no shipment date next to the calendar, then click the calendar icon to select the shipment arrival date first.

After selecting the shipment arrival date, you should see like this.

As Price is varied everyday, the farm could not take order long time before shipment. it is possible not have shipment to order for certain time. You will see the next shipment starting order time.


You are advised to choose the shipment arrival date every time before ordering, as your former selection date maybe not available for ordering now.

Choosing your flowers carefully, if you have any doubt, contact us for assistant.

After order placed, the farm will start to cut the flowers and prepare for shipment. It's not easy for any change after order confirmed. Order placed and paid, not possible to change or cancel. Contact us for assistant, if needed.